Photograph by Jared Chambers

Websites: green burial information

Digging Deep- The 2017 updated synopsis of Vermont Cemetery Law

Green Burial Council-  The Green Burial Council is the North American certifying body for green burial providers, certifying  cemeteries, funeral homes and green burial products.

Top 10 Real Answers to Questions Real People Ask About Green Burial- Green Burial Council's FAQs

The Science Behind Green and Conventional Burial In Lay Terms- Referenced, illustrated, and inclusive coverage of the green burial research from Green Burial Council

Foxfield Preserve FAQsMore answers about green burial from Foxfield Preserve, a Conservation Burial Ground in Wilmot, Ohio

Campbell Principles For Green And Conservation Burial- The Cambells started the first conservation burial ground in the US, and provided much guidance for the Green Burial Council's standards.  

Prairie Creek Preserve Burial Policies- Burial policies and fees of PCP, a conservation cemetery in Gainsiville, FL

Eloise Woods Natural Burial Park- details of a privately owned green burial cemetery near Austin, TX

GreenHaven Preserve Rules and Regulations- conservation information from Green Haven Preserve in Eastover, SC

Glossary of Green Burial Terms


“Greening Death”- 2015, Suzanne Kelley- most up-to-date, thorough, and annotated coverage of the green burial movement.

"The Natural Death Handbook"- 2003, a book on all things green burial, European.

"Grave Matters"- 2008, Mark Harris-an environmental journalist covers how we in the U.S. handle ‘final disposition,’ and the emergence of the green burial movement.

Final Rights: Reclaiming the American Way of Death- 2011,   Joshua Slocum and Lisa Carlson.  updated version of Carlson’s  "Caring for Your Own Dead" (1987) and "Caring for the Dead" (1998).  Chapters cover  home funerals and green burial, and a chapter each for all fifty states with funeral law etc. for consumers.

I Died Laughing: Funeral Education with a Light Touch-2001, Lisa Carlson- Cartoons, jokes, humorous last words, funny grave stones, and a “But Seriously, “ section with good information regarding funeral issues. 

Alison’s Gift: The Song of a Thousand Hearts Opening-1999, Pat Hogan- a young girl's tragic death fosters the creation of  one of the first home-funeral support organizations, The Crossings Network.



other websites

Funeral Consumers Alliance.  The ‘Consumer's Reports’ of funerals, burial services and laws, with their national office in South Burlington. The Vermont Chapter’s website is here.

Green Burial Naturally-a site by Ann Hoffner, with a state-by-state directory of green burial sites downloadable as a PDF. Great blog available by email or via website.